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The Balanced Life Studio Vision 

One of Balanced Life Studio’s main goals is to convey our interpretation of Yoga to our clients. The meaning of Yoga as it is classically used in the United States is a form of fitness and health exercise (asana), which may or may not also include breathing techniques (pranayama), and /or meditation (dhyana).

Since Yoga originated in India, a large part of the United States population believes that to practice Yoga is to practice Hinduism or Buddhism. This is simply not true. One can look at yoga as a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which can be adopted into one’s own spiritual or religious belief.

The true meaning of Yoga as it has been practiced for over 5,000 years is to “yoke” or to be in “union” with. The objective of Patanjali’s yoga as it is laid out in the Yoga-Sutra, is for the yogi to recognize and realize the true nature of the universe - i.e. that pure consciousness (purusa) is distinct from mere matter (prakrti), which includes our minds and thoughts. The true yogi does not seek union or oneness with the world; rather, he seeks to liberate himself from his attachment to the worldly. To put it simply, the purpose of Yoga is to be in “union” with one’s spiritual self or the Divine.  Come experience our studio where we are free from forced spirituality.

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