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Balanced Life develops and manages customized programs designed to educate, motivate and reinforce healthy living.  Through a combined focus on nutrition, exercise, work/life balance and stress management, these programs are tailored to your needs.

Group Presentations

Live experience, one-hour interactive group lectures encompassing aspects of healthy living, fitness, nutrition and stress management. This series of lectures can be customized to meet the specific needs of your group.

Examples Include:

Sugar Busters:  Discusses the mechanism of addiction and how to break it. Topics include fermentation, artificial sweeteners, easy recipes and steps to avoid hidden sugars in our lives.

Three Deadly Sins:  Discusses High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol and their interrelation.  How small changes can make a big difference in improving quality of life.

The ABCs of Nutrition:  Takes a look at the basics of nutrition and how to apply them.  Addresses common misconceptions and important facts everyone should know.

Which Exercise Is Best For Me:  Discusses exercise variations, target heart rate, caloric burn factors and what to expect when setting goals and how to attain them.

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Large Group Challenges

Eight to 12 weeks of customized group challenges (minimum of eight people required). These Fitness and Health Group Challenges are designed as team or individual competitions and promote a fun way to create a healthier lifestyle. Motivational newsletters and updates are sent weekly to promote friendly competition and encourage participants along their journey.

Examples Include:

Maintain Don't Gain:  A six-week holiday focused challenge designed to keep participants from gaining additional weight during the holidays, while offering easy stress relief tips along the way.

Healthier You Challenge:  A six-week program designed to encourage participants to make modest changes for big results by modifying caloric intake, water intake and improve mental health.

Exercise Challenge:  An eight-week program designed to encourage participants to compete in total steps per day, interval training and body sculpting - instructor videos are customized for your group to demonstrate proper technique and variations. 

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Individual  Coaching

Designed as personalized, one-on-one, interactive  sessions focusing on the client's individual needs. Baseline health assessments are used to formulate and track personal goals during this 12 week program. one 12 Yoga classes included in fee.